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Please always check this Release Notes page for reported bugs before contacting Support. See the latest updates to the User's Guide for a complete description of new enhancements.
Note: V.r = Version.release

V.r 1.2

    June 30, 2018
  • .Net Version Note - The .Net Prerequisite has been upgraded to .Net 4.7.2 with this release. See PrerequisitePrerequisite page for details.
  • OS Support Note - Support for Windows Vista is withdrawn with this release.
  • New feature - Voice Interface, for voice kiosk applications, is added to operate NetComms via computer microphone. 50+ National Language variations are supported. (Power edition) (Learn more )
  • Voice Coverage Notes - Supports operating Sound Mill and Video Mill. But FreeStyler DMX Portal is not supported for voice in this release.
  • New feature - New Start-Up Options - Start Voice Recognition and Hide Play Button Controls. Useful for Voice kiosk operation. (Learn more )
  • New feature - Voice Options tab added to the Options dialog. (Learn more )
  • New feature - Toggle Play Control Buttons Panel menu item added to View menu. Allows hiding the panel for Voice operation.
  • New feature - Actions menu is added with keyboard shortcuts to operate via keyboard.
  • New feature - Toggle Full Screen menu item added to View menu.
  • UI change - Admin Lock/Unlock User Interface menu items moved to the File menu.

V.r 1.1

    March 10, 2018
  • New feature - Halt All on All Remote Clients - Halts all playing media on all remote clients (under Tools menu). (Learn more )
  • New feature - Remote Client Override on Cue - The cue will be sent to the specified remote client when the cue is played. There are menu items under Tools > Cue Lists > Remote Client Override to set or clear this value on multiple cues with a few clicks (productivity). (Learn more )
  • New feature - Advance to Next Cue After Play Button Push - whenever the Play button is clicked, the Cue list selection will automatically move to the next Cue. (Learn more )
  • UI change - Start IPC at Program Start-up option moved to Options > StartUp/ListItem tab.
  • Enhancement - Miscellaneous IPC user interface and log improvements.
  • Bug fixed - Stop button did not stop playing media under a certian condition.

V.r 1.0

    August 29, 2017
  • Initial release.