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Sound List Editor
  • Play, pause/stop, resume
  • Manage the list of sounds
  • Edit sound item properties
  • Fast copy, cut, paste sound editing
  • Play sounds simulaneously or automatically in sequence
  • Loop sounds, add delay after play, specify repeat number
  • Descriptors for console operator instructions
  • View and print the full sound plot

Touch Screen Performance Interface
  • Scale toolbars and menus large enough for finger touch access.
  • Scaling size is up to you.
  • Tool bar for item selection (Up, Down, Page Up, page Down).
  • Even menus are touch accessible.

Automator - Automation Manager
  • Create scripts to play multiple sound items in sequence.
  • Time sound items to play after a given time expires.
  • Schedule scripts and sound items to play at a time of day.
  • Highly flexible, scripts can run other scripts.
  • Perfect way to automate music programs interrupted by announcements.

Automator - Now Playing Screen
  • Designed for playlist audience viewing on large display screen.
  • Displays Mp3 (ID3) tag data from the media file during playback. (Song Title, Artist, Album)
  • Artwork can be sourced from: Media file embedded artwork, folder artwork, or designated default artwork.
  • Customizable: Text fonts, colors, sizes. Background image.
  • Can be used for Music with Announcements as well as simple playlists.

Eight(8) Band Equalizer
  • Save Equalizer settings as DSP effects. Include Equalize(EQ) DSP effects in DSP Chains.
  • Each Band Center Frequency is adjustable.
  • Load a saved EQ DSP effect into the Equalizer Tool.
  • Enable/disable EQ DSP effect with one button click while audio is playing.

Easy Player
  • Designed for Solo/Stand-up Performers and Presenters; And for Kiosk applications.
  • Control Sound Mill audio using a remote control device (range up to 130 feet).
  • Touch screen enabled.
  • Text Cues with Large Fonts - Read from the back of the room.
  • Create any number of Playlists.
  • Graphic Cues - Use graphics mnemonic cues instead of text.
  • Volume Bump Up/Down and Mute.
  • Next and Previous Cue selection.
  • One or multiple columns of cue buttons can be configured.

Audio Kiosks
  • Easy Player can be operated as a Kiosk.
  • Extensive control over visual design. (Colors, fonts, sizes, Marquee image, more.)
  • Transparency effects for polished looking design.
  • All popular image formats supported.
  • Autosize of visual elements or you set sizes as you desire.
  • Run on any Kiosk device, touch screen or laptop.
  • Ready for auto-start, auto-login.

Use a Dark Theme in Dark Venues
  • Apply a dark application skin to prevent eye strain in a darkened theater or venue.
  • Several Windows High Contrast Themes available.
  • Go to Windows Control Panel > Personalization.
  • Switch from light to dark theme in seconds.