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book icon (HTML) - User's Guide - Complete descriptions and usage of all program features.

book icon (HTML) - Knowledge Base Articles - Contains articles on common How-To procedures for more advanced setups and configurations.

book icon (HTML) - Solo Performer Playlist Cookbook - A short set of instructions (cookbook style) for Solo Performers/Presenters who want to use the Easy Player with a hand held remote control device.

Online Demo Videos

YouTube Icon Breakthru Software YouTube Channel . Videos are hosted on our YouTube Channel. Select the Play buttons below to play the associated video.

Basic Operation Demo Videos

Play Demo Name Description
Play demo: Basic Operation Basic Operation
Basics of creating a Sound List and manually playing sounds. (V.r 2.1)
Play demo: Play Modifiers Play Modifiers
Adding Pre and Post Delays, Looping, Multi-Play and more.(V.r 2.1)
Play demo: Power Editing Power Editing
Speed editing by setting multiple attributes on a selected set of Sound Items in one operation. (V.r 2.1)
Play demo: Start/End and Fade Markers Start/End & Fade Markers
Set positions to start and end play. And add fade-in and out effects. (V.r 1.14)
Play demo: 'Automator' Automator
Automation manager to play multiple sounds sequentially or timed. (V.r 2.1)
Play demo: Scheduler Scheduler
Set time of day to run automation scripts or play individual Sound Items. (V.r 2.1)
Play demo IPC Setup demo
IPC is the method used by Sound Mill , Video Mill and Remote Media Manager to communicate with each other over a standard computer network (wired or wireless). Allows you to send automation commands between apps to synchronize operations. (V.r 3.31)

Music with Announcements Demo Videos

A modular approach to creating a reusable library of Sound Lists to quickly combine music and announcements.

Play Demo Name Description
Play demo: Create Music Selections Create Music Selections
How to Create a Sound List of Music Selections.(V.r 2.6)
Play demo: Create Announcements Create Announcements
How to Create a Sound List of Announcements. (V.r 2.6)
Play demo: Combining Music with Announcements Combining Music with Announcements
How to combine the Music Selections with Announcements Sound Lists created in the previous demos. (V.r 2.6)
Play demo: Ripping Music from CDs  Ripping Music from CDs
An easy to follow tutorial on how to rip music from your CDs to your hard drive with Windows Media Player.

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  • V.r - Program Version.release used to create the demo.

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