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Also see the General FAQs that apply to all of our products. Please always check these FAQs for answers before contacting support.

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Question: I installed this program but it will not start and there are no error messages?

Answer: You may be able to produce an error message by starting the program in Test-Mode. If you get an error message, email it to Support.

The most common reason is for this error is a missing .Net Framework prerequisite. See the Prerequisites page for links to check pre-reqs.

Question: Will Sound Mill interfere with the Windows master audio device settings?

Answer: No. In fact, you set the master volume and speaker system by going to the Windows Control Panel -- Sound and Audio Devices applet. All master settings in this applet are applied to Sound Mill . For example, volume levels set in Sound Mill will be relative to the Windows master volume. You may also use programs provided with your audio hardware such as a Graphic Equalizer.

Question: Can I use other sound programs along with Sound Mill ?

Answer: Yes. Other programs such as Windows Media Player (WMP) may be used along side Sound Mill .

Question: I hid the program menu bar and I can't get it to show now.

Answer: The keyboard shortcut to toggle show/hide of the program menu bar is Ctrl+Alt+M.