Feature ComparisonFeature Comparison by Edition

Sound Mill is published in 2 editions: Basic and Ultimate .
This table shows features included with each edition.

Features by edition Basic Ultim
Automation and Advanced Function
Automator - Run music playlists, automation scripts and integrated announcements. (with Now Playing Screen)   Yes
Remote Control - Use standard wireless remote control devices to control sound cues. (from SoundList Editor)   Yes
IPC (Inter-Process Communications): Sound Mill to Video Mill Integration. Send/Receive automation commands between the programs. Enables syncronized, large scale media applications across multiple computers.   Yes
Remote Media Manager (RMM) Integration: Kiosk or untrained user can control Sound Mill from a remote location over an IP Network. Computer or tablet. Admin user interface also available.   Yes
Script Editor - Create Scripts to Play cues or music sequentially. Or time multiple cues to play concurrently with millisecond timing. Provides a graphical user interface for editing.   Yes
Cross-Fade Mode - Music playlist cross-fading. Current track fades-out while the next track fades-in.   Yes
Announcements - Automate inserting your business/organization messages into music programming.   Yes
Scheduler - Run Scripts by Date and/or Time of Day. Even schedule individual Script Steps.   Yes
Multiple Zone Playlists - Pipe music playlists to many zones (rooms) simultaneously. Each zone can have its own playlist. [1]   Yes
Eight(8) Band Equalizer - Enhance audio frequency bands.   Yes
DSP Effects - Equalizer, Reverb, Volume Wave, Fuzz, Echo, and Pitch Shifter.   Yes
Run External Programs - Start external programs by automation steps precisely timed. (to operate lighting devices, etc.)   Yes
Playlist Logs - Sound Items played via Automation Scripts (playlists) can be logged for review and record keeping. Saved as readable text file. Import logs into your business reporting tools (excel, database, etc) as CSV file format.   Yes
Go-To Play Position toolbar - Jumps playback to configurable time positions within the audio.   Yes
Easy Player
Easy Player - Access includes functions listed below.   Yes
Use standard wireless remote control devices to control sound cues.   Yes
Large cue buttons are touch sensitive for touch screen devices.   Yes
Simplified interface for operators unfamiliar with Sound Mill .   Yes
Edit unlimited number of Playlists for use with the Easy Player.   Yes
Play modifiers
Auto-Fade-in/Fade-out on Play/Stop/Pause/Resume. Yes Yes
Volume fade-in/fade-out at positions. Yes Yes
Start/End play at positions by cue. Yes Yes
Play controls (volume / pan). Yes Yes
Edit Descriptors (name, special instructons). Yes Yes
Set start Volume by cue. Yes Yes
Set Pan (L/R) position by cue. Yes Yes
Loop cue. Yes Yes
Time delay before and/or after play. Yes Yes
Play multiple times. Yes Yes
Preempt - suspends other playing cues. Yes Yes
Audio formats
Extended formats: FLAC, OGG, ACC and many more. [3] Yes Yes
M3U Music Playlist Import. Yes Yes
Play Web based media content. Media files residing on the Web. Yes Yes
CDrom disks from DVD/CD drive. (CDA files) Yes Yes
Editing & Reports
Unlimited number of sound cues. Yes Yes
Reads media file Mp3 (ID3) tag info. Yes Yes
Classify cues by type and script location. Yes Yes
Drag and drop list build. Yes Yes
List sorting. Yes Yes
Copy and paste sounds. Yes Yes
Power editing (set attributes on selection of cues). Yes Yes
Auto repair after moving audio files. Yes Yes
View/print sound plot reports. Yes Yes
Multi-Zone Support
Play a cue to any of multiple speaker zones simultaneously. [1] Yes Yes
Cue Play, Stop, Pause, Resume, Stop All. Yes Yes
Auto-Fade Volume In/Out on Play, Stop, Pause, Resume. Yes Yes
Manual adjust of Volume and Pan. Yes Yes
Auto scroll of Volume and Pan. Yes Yes
Password protect Sound Lists. Yes Yes
Show mode - locks edit mode by password. Yes Yes

Yes indicates the feature is included.
  • [1] - Output Groups feature supported by the Windows Audio (WA) driver. It supports many common audio formats (ex WAV, MP3, WMA, and some video formats) but fewer formats than the Windows Media Player(WMP) driver.
  • [2] - Windows Media Player(WMP) versions 10,11 or 12 program pre-requisite. WMP driver supports many common audio formats.
  • [3] - Extended audio format support via third party codecs will increase the range of formats supported. (Recommended: K-Lite Codec Pack Free)