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Forum Use this forum to communicate with other users, post your comments, share tips, ask questions, and offer suggestions. All post sale usage questions should be directed through the forum (except program installation issues which you can email to Support).

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Language TranslationNational language translation is available in 60+ languages.

book icon (HTML) - User's Guide - Complete descriptions and usage of all program features.

book icon (HTML) - Knowledge Base Articles - Contains articles on common How-To procedures for more advanced setups and configurations.

Online Demo Videos

YouTube Icon Breakthru Software YouTube Channel .

Videos are hosted on our You Tube Channel. Select the Play buttons below to play the associated video. These quick video tutorials are a good way to learn the basics.

Note on demo sound quality: The sound quality of these videos do not reflect the quality you will experience with the program. Recording quality is purposely set low so that the recording file sizes will be smaller for downloading. For best video quality view at 480P or higher.

All videos are played via YouTube.

Sample Usage Videos

Play Demo Name Description Time (mm:ss)
Sample of In-Store Sales Display Sample of In-Store Sales Display Use any digital TV screen to explain your store merchandize to customers. 1:53

Program Operation Demo Videos

All videos are played via YouTube (pick from 480P or 720P-HD).

View the Basic Operation demo first if you are new to the program.

Play Demo Name Description Time (mm:ss)
Play demo Basic Operation Creating Media Items from video files and Web links; Selecting the target display and Media Screen size; Edit toolbar; Show/Hide program control panels; Syncing multiple videos play/pause/resume/stop with one button click. 5:13
Play demo Media Groups Creating and using Media Groups to play multiple videos on multiple displays simultaneously. 3:10

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