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Screen shot Description

Media List Editor
  • Play, Stop Pause/Resume videos.
  • Manage the list of videos.
  • Edit Media Item properties.
  • Fast copy, cut, paste video editing.
  • Play video simulaneously or separately.
  • Loop videos for continuous play until stopped.
  • Descriptors for console operator instructions.
  • View and print the full video design.

Automator - Automation Manager
  • Run, Stop Pause/Resume automation Scripts.
  • Scripts can Load, Play and control multiple Media Screens.
  • Fast copy, cut, paste for editing automation Scripts.
  • Run multiple Scripts simulaneously.
  • Scripts can play videos in sequential Playlist mode.
  • Or time automation Steps to execute with precise timing.

Script Editor
  • Easy to use Graphical User Interface to author automation Scripts.
  • Add automation Steps with one button click.
  • Easy duplication, reordering and deleting of Steps.
  • Scripts can repeat a specific number of times or Loop continously.
  • Option to Unload all Media Screens when Script completes.

Use a Dark Theme in Dark Venues
  • Apply a dark application skin to prevent eye strain in a darkened theater or venue.
  • Several Windows High Contrast Themes available.
  • Go to Windows Control Panel > Personalization.
  • Switch from light to dark theme in seconds.

Four Media Screens Tiled
  • Virtually no limit to number of simultaneous video screens. Limited only by your computer's horsepower.
  • Set a reference location, then click Tile Screens.
  • Each Screen separately sizable if desired. Video will stretch or shrink to fit the screen.

Four Media Screens Cascaded
  • Set a reference location, then click Cascade Screens.
  • Configurable X and Y Offsets determine amount of overlap (or none).

Media Screens on Custom Background

Create a Command Center of Live Streaming Feeds
  • Example: Deep Water Horizon remote submersibles ( ROVs) camera feeds.
  • Build your own home/business security command center with networked Webcams.

Effect - Rotated Screen
  • Animate transition for one angle to another. Any value 0 to 360.
  • Set time duration of the animation.
  • Example shows rotated Screen, 45 degrees.

Effect - Skewed Screen
  • Sides bend by number of degrees while staying parallel.
  • Create dazzling Screen flipping animation.
  • Skew on X (horizontal) axis, or Y(vertical) axis, or both. 0 to 360 degrees.
  • Example shows 15 degree Skew on both X and Y axis.

Effect - Opacity Screen
  • Video can play over a background image ( 50% Opacity over a Robot's head in this example).
  • Create fade-in and/or fade-out animations.
  • Set Opacity from 0% to 100%.

Screen Border and Background
  • Set a Border and its width (or none). White border shown in example.
  • Set Screens Background to: Single color, Two color gradient, or image file.
  • Depending on Screen size and video aspect ratio, more or less (or none) of the background will show.