Feature ComparisonFeature Comparison by Edition

Video Mill ships in 4 editions: Basic, Pro, Power and Ultimate .
This table shows features included with each edition.

Features by Edition Bas Pro Pwr Ult
Number of Simultaneous Media Screens [1] 1 2 99 99
Advanced Tools
Automation Manager - Create automation Scripts to Load, Play and control multiple Media Screens.       Yes
PowerKeys - Additional automation scripting capabilities with custom created keys.       Yes
Scheduler - Schedule automation Scripts to run or individual Media Items to Load and Play based on Date and/or Time of Day setting.       Yes
Operate by Wireless Remote Controller or using an Elgato Stream Deck - Use most common wireless remote control devices to operate the program.       Yes
IPC (Inter-Process Communications): Video Mill to Video Mill (or Sound Mill ) Integration. Send/Receive automation commands between the programs. Enables syncronized, large scale media applications across multiple computers.[4]       Yes
Remote Media Manager Integration: Kiosk or untrained user can control Sound Mill from a remote location over an IP Network. Computer or tablet. Admin user interface also available.       Yes
External Programs: Run External Programs and pass variable values to the program.       Yes
Display Mirror Tool - Monitor video on one or multiple secondary displays that you do not have a direct line of sight to.       Yes
Virtual Displays - Provides portability for MediaLists in cases where you are moving your show/presentation from venue to venue.       Yes
Load Templates - Embed videos in a template for event signage.       Yes
Video and Volume Fading - Several methods for fade-in/fade-out on all or on individual media items. Fade duration is configurable.       Yes
Green Screen or Blue Screen - Play any green (or blue) screen video (or stream live) against a background video or background image.       Yes
20+ Video Filters - Adjust color, lightness, darkness and add special effects to videos with 20+ video filters.       Yes
Fader Bar - Performs adhoc fade-in, fade-out of video/volume. Optional pause/resume fade-out/fade-in.       Yes
Video Cross Fade - Fades current playing video into the next video.       Yes
Go-To Play Position toolbar - Jumps playback to configurable time positions within a video.       Yes
Media Screen Dimensions Tool - GUI[3] tool to resize and relocate a Media Screen on a Display device.       Yes
Video Cropping - Cropping allows you to create visually interesting viewports through which to show a video. Five crop shapes are available which can be resized and stretched. Includes GUI[3].       Yes
Stretch Video - Stretch a video to Fill the Media Screen.       Yes
Video Dimesions - Custom video resize and relocation within the bounds of the Media Screen. Includes GUI[3].       Yes
Video Speed - Speed up or slow down the video for preview scanning during editing or special performance effect.       Yes
Marquees - Pop up messages on the screen to inform the audience. Includes optional 'time of day' clock or count-down timer.       Yes
Times Messages - Presents rotating announcement messages on a timed interval.       Yes
Subtitles - Display video subtitles for national language translation or other purposes.       Yes
Stretch Across Displays - Stretch a video across multiple displays.       Yes
Screen Swap toolbar - Easily manage swapping between multiple screens.       Yes
Text Screen - Display contents of a text file on screen for information presentation. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Adhoc Audio - Adhoc Audio provides a quick and simple utility to play frequently used sound effects, common announcements, or theme music. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Effect Animations
Edit Video Effect Animations (Rotate, Scale, Skew, Translate, Opacity )     Yes Yes
Run Video Effect Animations     Yes Yes
Copy and Paste Video Effects     Yes Yes
Media Groups - Operate on Groups of Media Items with One Click.     Yes Yes
All Common Video File Formats[2] Yes Yes Yes Yes
All Common Audio File Formats[2] Yes Yes Yes Yes
All Common Image File Formats Yes Yes Yes Yes
Play, Stop, Pause And Resume Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hide/Pause video and Show/Resume video with single button click. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Resize, Locate Each Media Screen Separately. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Media Screen Layouts (Border, Background) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mute Audio Yes Yes Yes Yes
Apply Controls as On All Loaded Screens Yes Yes Yes Yes
Separate Volume Control on All Media Items Yes Yes Yes Yes
Separate Audio Balance on All Media Items. Left, Right audio channels. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Loop or Multi-Play any Screen Yes Yes Yes Yes
Media Groups - Create and Edit Media Groups.     Yes Yes
Open/Save Media List files. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Import/Export Standard Playlist Files. (M3U, M3U8 or WPL) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Drag and Drop Creation of Media Items Yes Yes Yes Yes
Copy and Paste Media Items Yes Yes Yes Yes
Save/Use Favorite Values for Media Items Yes Yes Yes Yes
Set Start and Stop Play Positions Yes Yes Yes Yes
Set Pre and Post Delays Yes Yes Yes Yes
View/Print Reports Yes Yes Yes Yes
Windows x32 and x64 Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Checkmark indicates the feature is included.
  • [1] - Number of simultaneous Media Screens means how many Screens can be Loaded for Play at a given time. 99 implies 'Unlimited' but will be gated by the computer performance (CPU speed, RAM, etc). Most systems will max out at around 10 screens.
  • [2] - Some media formats may require installation of a free media codec.
  • [3] - GUI: Graphical User Interface.
  • [4] - Integration of Sound Mill and Video Mill using the IPC feature requires you have these version/releases installed:
    Sound Mill 3.2 or later ; Video Mill 1.15 or later.