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Question: I installed this program but it will not start and there are no error messages?

Answer: This is most likely a missing or back level software Prerequisites. See Trouble Shooting Common Problems to fix most common post install issues. If you are getting an error message, email it to Support.

Question: My MP4 video plays fine on the Primary display. But it freezes when I move the Media Screen to a Secondary display.

Answer: There is a known problem with the standard Windows Media Foundation codec when playing MP4s. See this Knowledge Base article, Codec Configuration for MP4, for a codec tweak to solve it.

Question: My video won't play. It just shows scrambled pixels or it freezes on the first frame.

Answer: This is almost always a codec problem. Standard Windows codecs are designed first and foremost to support WMV formatted video. You will either need to install a codec that supports your video's format or convert the video to a WMV file. For more detail on codecs, read the short Codec section in the User's Guide.

Question: The program's menu bar is missing. How do I restore it?

Answer: This can happen occasionally on initial program install (a .Net quirk with some display configurations). To restore the menu bar, start the program, then type this key combination, Ctrl+Alt+R. Now close and restart the program.

Question: There are too many toolbars. Can I hide some that I am not using?

Answer: Yes, go to View > Toolbars > Show/Hide Toolbars. You can hide or show any toolbars you desire. And the Arrange Toolbars menu item will put all visible toolbars into neatly arranged rows.