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Note: V.r = Version.release

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Version 2 Customer Upgrade Considerations

Customers upgrading from V1 to V2 should understand these changes and migration considerations before upgrading.

  • Free Upgrade - Upgrade from from Version 1 (V1) to Version 2 (V2) is Free for a limited time.
  • Read and Understand V2 Changes - Make sure you read the What's New section for Version 2 Releases 0. There are a substantial number of improvements and some are departures from V1 program behavior that you need to understand.
  • Upgrade Requests - We will need to make a change to your activation database record so that your program activation code will work for V2. Send an email to Support with subject line " Video Mill V2 Upgrade Request".
  • Evaluation Keys - V1 customers are welcome to try out V2 with an Evaluation Key (request from Support). The first time you open a V1 Media List with Video Mill V2, some migration changes are made. If you are just evaluating V2 with an evaluation key, you should save a copy of all your Media Lists before opening them with V2.
  • Media List Migration - Media Screen Locations are now calculated as display relative offsets rather than the absolute display coordinates used in V1 (see Enhancement detail below). All Media Screen Locations will be reset to Location (0,0) the first time you open a V1 Media List with Video Mill V2.
  • Dimensions - Dimensions now also use the display relative offsets mentioned above. Favorite Dimensions are no longer stored inside each Media List. They are now saved at the program level and can be used with any Media List.
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