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Video Mill

Video Mill logo Video Mill

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Customer Quotes
  • "I use Video Mill to playback videos at corporate theatre events around the country. No matter what video requirements I ask for, I always just get this pile of random files. I used to have to convert them all to WMV or MP4 and then use [ProductX] to playback the clips. Video Mill is the only other player that I have found that lets you individually correct the video/audio levels and resize. Plus all the other cool features; like displaying multiple screens and group play are handy too. It really makes my job easier."
    Markey’s Rental & Staging creates defining experiences by providing creative solutions for corporate theater, live event management and audiovisual presentation support.
    Scott Kern, Show Production Lead, Markey's Rental & Staging, Indianapolis IN.

  • "I was looking for a Windows based program for interfacing with equipment used to projecting videos onto large screens at our annual induction ceremony. I looked thru the list which a Google search returned and decided to get a trial version of Video Mill . It satisfied our needs. After purchasing the version we needed, I am hardly proficient in setting up program specs, however, Breakthru Software Customer Service assisted me at every step of the way and it works beautifully. The software is exactly what we needed."
    John Long, President, Georgia Radio Hall of Fame

  • "The software set up and was easily adjusted for easy use.", by Petroleum engineer, Monitoring Live Industrial Camera Feeds, Houston TX.

Sound Mill

Sound Mill logo Sound Mill

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Customer Quotes
  • "I am now happily running Sound Mill on my (Windows 7) Netbook. I love your software and have used it for a few years thanks so much for your help. I really apppreciate your amazing customer relations.", by Anonymous, Sound Designer for Amateur Theater, Chicago, IL.

  • "I've tried some other products. Sound Mill is the quickest and easiest I've found for designing sound. And now, the automation scripts make it a snap to setup intricate timings. Highly recommended." by Alan N, Sound Designer for Amateur Theater, Boston MA .

  • "Thanks so much for your timely response to my questions. You get 5 stars for customer support. Now Sound Mill runs like a charm. You really do have a great product that is inexpensive and dependable.", Peter, Community Theater Sound Designer, New York.

  • "Thanks for creating an indispensable program.", Musician/Sound Tech, 20-Member Band Ensemble, Chattanooga TN.

Matrix Mic and Player

Matrix Mic logo Matrix Mic

Customer Quotes
  • "I just purchased this software this morning for the sole purpose of being able to route a USB microphone through the speakers -- A very difficult thing to do otherwise - so I was happy to find your software." by Anonymous, Presenter at Public Stage Events, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Tempo Game Clock

Tempo Game Clock logo Tempo Game Clock

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Note: Anonymous quotes may have been taken from email coorespondence with our Support team or the customer requested that it be posted anonymously.