Version History - Version 1

Version History Please always check this Version history page for reported bugs before contacting Support. All releases are free for the version that you purchased. See the online help files for a complete description of all new features. Some release upgrades may require you to reactivate the program.
V.r = Version.release

V.r 1.14

  • Added Sort Soundlist By Act/Scene/Page (numeric) . Resorts the list in ascending order by Act, then Scene and then Page numbers.
  • Fixed bug in Save dialog. Save filename is created from the soundlist name the first time it is saved. Invalid filename characters are replaced with a space in the filename.
  • Fixed bug in Reports which caused report viewer to pop up multiple times in some cases.

V.r 1.13

  • Added Skins to skin the program user interface. A dark program skin can help prevent eye strain in a darkened theater or venue. Create your own with your preferred colors. See screen shots page for samples.
  • Added Show/Hide Attributes toolbar . This productivity toolbar provides one click execution show/hide individual attributes groups.

V.r 1.12

  • Added File --Merge SoundList function to merge an existing SoundList into the current SoundList.

V.r 1.11

  • Added ability to change current Play Position during play by dragging the Play Position Trackbar . Useful during edit sessions when you are looking for a position to set a marker.
  • Added item to Behavior menu to Enable Start and End Markers . Start/End are not applied during play when check. Allows you to turn all of these markers on/off with one click.
  • Some tweaking of the Start/End/Fade Markers panel to make the panel more intuitive and productive.
  • Added item to Tools menu to Resize Sound Item . Required if you edit a Wav file and thus change its length. Resizing affects any markers you have set on the sound item.

V.r 1.10

  • Revised the user interface (based on user feedback) to improve the process for setting Fade markers. This only changes the method of editing markers. There is no change to how they operate during play back. A recommended upgrade if you are using markers.

V.r 1.9

    10/06/2007 Please read the special Release Notes for Version 1 release 9. Migration of existing SoundLists may be required.
  • Changed to new glass-style buttons to the main Play control buttons. Stop All button added to this panel.
  • Added a Play Progress bar to the SoundItem Attribute Edit panel. This provides a better view of play position and includes indicators for the new Marker features below.
  • Added new Marker features. Start At and End At markers allow you to start and/or end play at any position in the sound file.
  • Fade In At and Fade Out At markers allow you to fade the sound in or out at any position in the sound file. You can set the fade speed (faster or slower) and the volume level to which it will fade to.
  • When Fade Out marker is placed before a Fade In marker, can produce a sound lull in the middle of sound play.
  • All the markers will work in conjunction with Play Modifiers (Delay and Multiple-Play) and Sequencing with the one exception of Loop.
  • The Loop affect with marker settings can be achieved by using Multiple-Play with an arbitrary high number (ex set Multiple-Play to 1000).
  • Added a Markers Attribute group to the Tools menu items.It is primarily to reset the markers to factory settings.
  • Added a new Markers Attribute group to the SoundItem Attribute Edit panel. It can be hidden like all other groups.
  • Fixed bug causing 'Error creating sound buffer' message when importing a folder of Wavs.
  • Various small changes to the SoundItem Attribute Edit panel like indicating percents when moving the trackbars.

V.r 1.8

  • Fixed bug: Drag and drop of wav files was not picking up Default Attributes.

V.r 1.7

  • Added new Default Attributes function requested by users. You can now save Default Attributes as a global Favorite or as defaults for the current SoundList which are saved along with the SoundList . A Default Attributes mode button was added to the Find toolbar to toggle between Favorite and SoundList mode.
  • Added Sound Item tab to Options dialog moved the Sound Item related options from the General tab.
  • Fixed bug: Volume and Pan 'Master mode' indicators were not being updated on the panel.

V.r 1.6

  • Minor user interface improvements.
  • Fixed a few annoyances related to popup warnings on some operations.

V.r 1.5

  • Added button to Stop All Sounds when playing multiple sounds concurrently (at the same time).
  • Added Behavior main menu item. Includes settings option to allow/disallow sounds to play concurrently.
  • Moved Volume and Pan apply settings to Behavior menu item from the Options dialog for faster access. Options--Behavior tab was deleted as a result.
  • Added multiple power editing menu items to the Tools main menu to allow setting various sound item attributes on ALL sound items at once. No UnDo is provided but you can always cancel out of the current edit session without saving, then reload the list.
  • Added Default Attributes sound items menu items to the Tools main menu. This allows you to set and save custom default values. These are used when creating New sound items or to apply to existing items using the Tools power editing options.

V.r 1.4

  • Fixed invalid setting which prevented trial mode users from accessing the 3D and Fx editors.
  • Added severity level icons to status messages.
  • Added menu item to clear sound item Wav filename.
  • Added buttons to set/clear all report attributes (productivity aid) on Options dialog.
  • Added menu item View--Toolbars--Move Toolbars To Default Locations to reset toolbar positions to default.
  • Added new Behavior tab to Options dialog. Moved master volume and pan checkboxes to this tab.
  • Added 'Master' label indicator to Volume and Pan controls to indicate the mode of the control.

V.r 1.3

  • Many new keyboard shortcuts are added for typical repetitive tasks.
  • GoTo value and several options dialog fields improved with value range checking and instant out of range message.

V.r 1.2

  • Fixed issue with activation process on some systems. Previous releases will no longer activate -- You will get this error message "Program Id invalid.". You must upgrade if you need to reactivate.
  • Soundlist files saved with an earlier release may not load correctly with this new release due to fix changes in the file structure. Contact Support for file conversion options.

V.r 1.1

  • Added some validation checking on several dialog input fields.