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Sound Mill - Quick Start


Thank you for your purchase or for your interest in evaluating our product. This page contains helpful information and links to get you started quickly with the program.


Pre-sales questions should be emailed to Support. Post-sales questions can be directed to the User Forum.


To activate the program, go to Help > Activate and paste your Activation Code into the dialog textbox. Activation requires an Internet connection. (Tip: Keyboard Paste shortcut is CTRL+V.) If you have problems activating, go here for more details on activation.

Quick Start Help

See the Basic Operation video on the Demos page. Also see the Help - Quick Start page for the basics of running the program. The User's Guide has complete help for all features.

Demo Videos

See the online demos for short How-To instructions.

Latest Release

We publish periodic maintenance releases (free) that often contain new or improved features as well as bug fixes. You can check for new releases by clicking Help > Check For Updates menu.

Stay Up-To-Date: Subscribe to the "News and Release Notifications" category of the User Forum to get an email notification whenever a new release is published.

Feature Comparison by Edition

The features available for each edition are listed on the Compare Editions page.