Release Notes - Version 1 (Archive)

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Please always check this Release Notes page for reported bugs before contacting Support. See the latest updates to the User's Guide for a complete description of new enhancements.
Note: V.r = Version.release

V.r 1.15

    January 09, 2014
  • New feature - Integration with Sound Mill - Send and receive automation commands between Sound Mill and Video Mill for a complete audio/visual tool suite. Provides split second timed automation of audio and video programming. The programs can reside on the same computer or separate computers on a wired or wireless network. (Learn more )
  • New feature - Paused Indicator added to Play Position Controls panel indicate when the media is paused. (Learn more )
  • New feature - Streaming Media Indicator added to Play Position Controls panel. (Learn more )
  • New feature - Added Set Streaming Media Indicator menu item. The program generally can determine when a file URI is a stream. This allows you to manually set it if the program fails to determine it correctly. (Learn more )
  • New feature - Added Edit Screen Dimensions button to Screen Layout Attributes panel for instances where you want to manually edit the Media Screen location and size when the Media Screen is not loaded. (Learn more )
  • New feature - Added Toggle Titlebar Visibility button to Screen Layout Attributes panel for instances where you want to change the Media Screen Titlebar Visibility when the Media Screen is not loaded. (Learn more )
  • New feature - Added Move Screen to Display(x) menu item to Media Screens menu. It will move Media Screen to one of the current extended displays. (Learn more )
  • New feature - Added Set All Screen Locations to (0,0) menu item to Edit Media Item menu. It will move all Media Screen Locations of all Media Items to location (0,0) which is the upper left corner of the Primary display. It's basically a total reset of all Media Screen Locations. (Learn more )
  • New feature - Added two new Options that hide and restore the Media Screen window title bar when entering and exiting full screen mode. See Full Screen Behavior on the Screens Options. (Learn more )
  • New feature - Added two new menu items for saving your current extended displays configuration, then comparing that to extended displays in a future session. See the Extended Displays seection of the Tools menu. (Learn more )
  • New feature - Added a Change Referenced Item button to the Step Editor which allows you to change the referenced Media Item of the Script Step. (Learn more )
  • Replaced feature - The Option > Auto correct when screen coordinates are out of bounds was replaced by the new Media Screen Locations above which provide more user flexibility.
  • Replaced feature - The Move to Top, Left (0,0) was replaced by the new Media Screen Locations above which provide more user flexibility.
  • Enhancement - Improved handling of Web links URIs.
  • Enhancement - Improved Media List Validation.
  • Bug fixed - When creating a New Media Item, the media file name was being filled in with the media file from the default attributes.

V.r 1.14

This is a recommended install for all current customers with significant news features and enhancements.
    December 21, 2013
  • New feature - Automation Manager (for Ultimate edition). Create automation Scripts to Load, Play and control multiple Media Screens. An Automator menu item is added to the Actions menu to open the Automator window. (Learn more )
  • New feature - Automation provides 11 different functions (Automation Steps). See this link for an overview of how Automation Scripts work. (Learn more )
  • New feature - Scheduler can now execute automation Scripts. (Learn more )
  • New feature - Script Editor provides easy to use Graphical User Interface to author automation Scripts. (Learn more )
  • New feature - Start External Programs from Automation Scripts. (Learn more )
  • New feature - A Refresh Media Screen button is added to the Play Controls panel. It will force a reload of a Media Screen using any changed Media Item attributes. The Load button behavior is changed to ignore load requests if a Media Screen is already loaded (it used to force a reload). (Learn more )
  • New feature - Added a Load behavior option to have the program auto-correct Media Item screen coordinates are outside the bounds of the extended desktop displays. (Learn more )
  • New feature - UnLoad All Screens function added to Media List Editor > Actions menu and Play Controls tool bar.
  • New feature - Automation menu item added to Media List Editor > Tools menu. Provides access to define and view External Programs definitions.
  • New feature - Added option to check (or skip check) for existence of remote files during Media List Validation. This check can slow Validation and may not always be necessary. (Learn more )
  • New feature - Added ability to change internal resource ids of Media Items and Scripts. This is an aid to fix orphaned references in the case of deleting a resource. (Learn more )
  • Enhancement - Media List Validation now checks to see if Media Item screen coordinates are within the bounds of the extended desktop displays.
  • Enhancement - View All Loaded Screens Dimensions provides more Dimensions information and now lists the screen coordinates of all extended desktop displays.
  • Enhancement - Load logic has been streamlined and should provide faster Media Screen load time in most cases.
  • Enhancement - Improved validation of media file Urls and file specifications with the Web Link button on the Descriptors panel.
  • Bug fixed - A few minor bug fixes mostly related to enhancements above.

V.r 1.12

    January 22, 2013
  • New feature - New productivity menu item to "Open the Folder of the Selected Media Item" in Windows Explorer. (under Edit Media Item menu)
  • New feature - Added code to allow Migration of program settings to a new computer. See Migration Cook Book Knowledge Base article for details.
  • New feature - File menu - New item to Clear Recent Files List.
  • New function - Improved validation checks for "Tools > Media List Validation Check".

V.r 1.11

    December 08, 2012
  • New feature - New option added "Create New Group for Dropped Files". If checked, when you drag and drop new Media files into Video Mill , a new Media Group is created which contains all the dropped files. And the Media Group is set as the Current Media Group. (Learn more )
  • Enhancement - Improved handling for saving and restoring placement of program toolbars. Will force a one time reset of all toolbar visibility and locations.
  • Bug fix - Fixed intermittent issue where certian audio format files sometimes take extra time to buffer on first Load attempt.

V.r 1.10

    November 25, 2012
  • New function - Play Position scrubber bar has been improved so that if you move the scrubber bar to a new position while the video is Paused, you will see the video's image at the new location.
  • New function - Play Position scrubber bar and position buttons can now be applied to 'Current Group' or to 'All Loaded Screens' based on the 'Action Apply Mode' setting. (Learn more )
  • New feature - Play Position Synchronization of Multiple Screens can now be done in two modes: Absolute Synchronization Mode or 'Time of Day' Synchronization Mode which allows you to Synchronize multiple videos based on a wall clock time setting. (Learn more )
  • New feature - Marquees have been updated with a new Timer type that allows you to track the Play Position of the current selected Media Screen. You can create a Media Item in one click which has a Marquee pre-configured for this new timer. (Ultimate edition) (Learn more )
  • New feature - A new Play Position is added that allows you to set a Media Item's Start-At position from the current Play Position. (Learn more )
  • New feature - A new attribute is added to the "Descriptors Attributes" section for 'Date/Time Encoded'. This is generally the Date-Time that the media was recorded. It is used with the new Play Position Synchronization above to sync multiple media screens by 'Time of Day'. (Learn more )
  • New function - When you move the Play Position scrubber bar to a new position, then click the Play button, play will start at the new position. Previously the Play button would always start play at the beginning of the video (00:00:00).
  • New feature - Now select a Default Media file and add it to any Media Item with one click. Useful if you frequently create Media Item's that always use the same Media file such as a background video or image for advertizing Marquees.

V.r 1.9

    July 14, 2012
  • New function - Scheduler has been improved to allow creation of reuseable Scheduler plans. Just pick a schedule from saved plans and start the Scheduler. Much more flexible design than the previous one. (Learn more. ).
  • New feature - A new Scheduler Plan Editor makes it easy to add Media Items to a plan. You can select multiple plan items to perform actions on. Actions include: Set start time to specific time; Add (or Subtract) an amount of time to the start time (effectively moving the time); Delete multiple items.
  • Bug fix - Media Items with Pre-Delay or Post-Delay Time sometimes froze the user interface for the duration of the delay (in some cases).

V.r 1.8

    July 08, 2012
  • New feature - Scheduler (for Ultimate edition) - The Scheduler (24 hour scheduler) provides a convenient way to schedule the Load and Start of a Media Screen. Just start the scheduler and walk away -- let the automation do all the work. Videos will load, play and the screen will close when the video is completed. (Learn more. ).
  • New feature - "UnLoad When Media Ends" - The Media Screen is automatically UnLoaded (closed) when the media reaches its end (ie end of video play). Useful in conjunction with the new Scheduler.
  • New feature - Align Screens - These functions control locating Media Screens in relation to the current Reference Dimensions. Align Tops, Bottoms, Lefts, Rights, Centers, and Middles.

V.r 1.7

    July 01, 2012
  • New feature - Ultimate edition - Marquees feature added - Overlay Playing Video with Informational Signage. When projecting to a large screen, pop-up a multi-line text and/or image box to inform the audience of important information and advertisements or display a logo. Also, create compelling, full screen signage to announce events or services. (Learn more. ).
  • New feature - Added Favorite Fonts and Colors so you can save your favorites and reuse with a couple clicks. Works with Marquee Editor.

V.r 1.6

    June 15, 2012

    This is a recommended install for all current customers with significant news features and an important bug fix.
  • New feature - (Ultimate edition) Added new productivity toolbar to manage and swap between multiple Loaded Media Screens with options to control muting audio of hidden screens, Pause/Resume of hidden screens, automatically hiding all other screens when a target screen becomes visible. See details of Screen Swap Toolbar and Screen Swap Behavior Options.
  • New feature - Duplicate an existing Media Group is now done in the "Edit & Manage Groups" editor. Just select an existing group in the list and click the "Duplicate" button.
  • New feature - Options -- Media Item, option added to "Mute/Unmute Sound on Screen Visibility Change". Makes it easier to swap screens and sync the audio with the screens visibility.
  • New feature - Added Fast Forward and Rewind buttons on the Play Position panel. Speed of advance is configurable in the Options dialog.
  • New feature - Added Set Play Position button on the Play Position panel to set exact position.
  • New feature - Playback Modifier Attributes - Added options for "Hide Screen on Load", "Mute Audio on Load", "Never Play Audio".
  • New feature - All Loaded screens dimensions are now automatically acquired and saved when saving the Media List.
  • Bug fix - Play Position slider (scrubber) was not working for some HD formats and larger files. (Important fix for scrubber bar)
  • Bug fix - Pre-Delay time was being ignored with "Auto Play on Load" option.

V.r 1.5

    May 18, 2012

    This is a major release with many new features and is a recommended install for all current customers.
  • New feature - Screen Dimensions (Location And Size) are now updated in real time as you move and resize media screens. Refresh button was removed from the Screen Layout section (no longer needed).
  • Modification - Screen Dimensions now displayed in a textbox in the Screen Layout section for quick Select/Copy access.
  • New feature - Media List files (with a .MLT extension) are now associated to Video Mill when you install. So now you can open a file by double clicking it in Windows Explorer.
  • New feature - Full Screen Toggle added that toggles Screen display mode between Full Screen and Normal display states.
  • New feature - New Volume functions to Bump Volume Up/Down and Mute/Un-Mute on media screens.
  • New feature - A new mode was added for Actions Apply mode -- "Apply To Loaded Screens". In this mode, all the actions (Play, Stop, Pause, Resume, etc) are applied to all Loaded Media Screens at once.
  • New feature - The "Action Apply Mode" button was changed to a drop down list to accomodate the new mode.
  • New feature - When modes "Apply To Loaded" and "Apply To Group" are selected, the background of the toolstrips with actions that use these modes are highlighted as a visual aid to remind the user which mode he is using. The highlighted colors are editable in the Options -- Program tab. Color highlighting is optional.
  • New feature - Media Groups menu items move to top level menu for faster access.
  • New feature - View Current Group menu item added to display the Current Media Group in a popup dialog.
  • New feature - Easier editing of Groups now allows you to add, remove and reorder Media Items in the Group list. Formerly only allowed a full replace of media items in the Group.
  • New feature - Can now Duplicate an existing Group in two clicks.
  • New feature - Description field added to Groups for better documentation.
  • New feature - New 'Screens' menu added on top level menu.
  • New feature - Auto-Locate has an additional cascade option -- cascade (No Overlap). Screens are cascaded but will not overlap each other.
  • New feature - New menu item to set the virtual Reference Dimensions which is used as a basis for all the auto locating and resizing operations. You can set the Reference Dimensions from a Loaded screen or from a saved Dimensions Favorite. Also allows manual editing of the Dimensions.
  • New feature - Ability to save Screen Dimensions Favorites to apply to media screens when needed. Useful when your design system display devices are different resolution and size (ie max width and height) than the performance venue system.
  • New feature - Two new Tile operations added. You can now Tile screens in one horizontal row or in one vertical column with one click.
  • New feature - Direction to Tile or Cascade can now be specified -- Right or Left. Up or Down.
  • New feature - New Bring to Front menu item brings all media screens in front of other app windows with one click. You can also reverse the order for overlapping cascaded screens.
  • New feature - Added functions to move a list item To Top of list, To Bottom and To middle (productivity aid). Provided with menu items, keyboard shortcuts, and mouse click behavior. See "Edit Sound Item Menu Functions" of the Users Guide for details. All list editors have this function including the popup list edit dialog.
  • Modification - Shortcut for UnLoad button was changed to F6. This allows for assigning the new Full Screen function shortcut (F11) which is consistent with other Windows programs.
  • Modification - Reworked Options settings for cascading offsets. Now works in pixels rather than percent of screen size.
  • Modification - The keyboard shortcuts for Tile and Cascade of Media Screen were changed due to conficts. See the menu items for new shortcuts.

V.r 1.4

    Jan 26, 2011 Recommended fix pack
  • New .NET Prerequisite - With this release, the program now runs on the .NET Framework 4 Client Profile . This improves performance by utilizing multiple cores on multi-core systems (dual/quad etc.). We plan to exploit other .Net 4 function in the future as well. See the instructions for verifying and installing .NET Framework versions.
  • New Feature - Added two new commands to Media Screen context menu (via right click): Close Media Screen; Full Screen Toggle will toggle Media Screen between full screen and normal window size. Both are useful for loaded Media Screens when the title bar is hidden.
  • Enhancement - Reload button will now reset any effects transforms from previous Play. Useful for image files in a Media Screen that have been transformed.
  • Fixed Bug - Related to closing a Media Screen via the cancel box -- in rare race conditions caused an error condition.
  • Fixed Bug - Now enforces a minimum program window size (W 200, H=100). Prevents a rare program start error on next program usage.

V.r 1.3

    September 09, 2010
  • New Feature. 'Auto Play on Load' checkbox added to Descriptors section which causes the media to start playing once Load completes. Allows for one click start of media by clicking the Load button.
  • Fixed Bug. Current Group sometimes reset to first group after editing the Current Group.
  • New Feature. Added context menu to Media Screens (right click) to Play, Stop, Pause, Resume, Restart and Save Screen (screen shot). Save Screen has a shortcut key for rapid image snaps.
  • New Feature. Report now contains the list of Media Groups and their contents.
  • New Feature. Added Screen Image Save Options to control Save Screen (screen shot). Options for image file format and file naming.
  • New Feature. Added 'Size To Natural Video Size' to the 'View -- Auto-Size Screens' menu. This ensures that the video is viewed the exact recorded quality and resolution.
  • New Feature. 'Save Screen' item added to the Actions menu to take screen shots of the Screen of the selected Media Item (or all Loaded Screens). It has a shortcut key for rapid image snaps.
  • New Feature. Added shortcut keys for Tiling and Cascading multiple Screens.

V.r 1.2

    July 26, 2010
  • Fixed Bug - Load Media Item function was not parsing non-HTTP protocols correctly. (such as RTSP, MMSH, etc).
  • Knowledge Base article has been added with details on how to stream video from video cameras, camcorders, or Webcams.
  • New Feature - Media Groups added. A Media Group is a collection of Media Items. It provides a way to operate on multiple Media Items with a single button click (examples: Load, Play, Stop, Pause, Resume, etc.).

V.r 1.1

    July 11, 2010
  • Fixed Bug - Auto-size to Video was not working properly on certian videos. Now works as designed.
  • Fixed Bug - Time of day clock was not diplaying in preferred local time format for all countries. Now displays in 12 hour or 24 hour format based on local preference.
  • New Feature - "Repair moved file paths" function added to Tools menu. Auto repairs Media Items if you move video files to a new folder on your hard disk.
  • New Feature - Sort Media List operations added for Sort Order Ascending/Descending, Sort By: Name, Description, Media Filename, Date/Time Modified.
  • New Feature - Find function added to search the Media List for text match. Find in several fields: Name, Description, Media Filename.
  • New Feature - List Validation Check menu item inspects the Media List for errors or warnings and pops up a validation report.
  • Enhancement - More efficient checking for existence of Media Item Media file, especially for invalid filenames, Web links or network shared files.
  • Enhancement - Some menuitem icon images added for editing productivity.
  • Enhancement - Can now drag and drop a saved Media List file into the List panel to Open it.

V.r 1.0

    July 02, 2010
  • Version 1 Release 0. First release for version 1

Known bugs

  • No known bugs at this time.